Welcome to Scottyphotos.com. This website was developed to display and share my personal photography. As far back as I can remember, I always had a camera with me. All you need to do is ask my friends from high school who I constantly harassed for photos (often unwillingly) or my family, many of whom I have pictures while they slept (Channyn) or ate (Jaclyn). As a lover of travel, I have been lucky enough to visit many amazing places and have hundreds of photos to show as a result! But, it wasn't until I realized that I had never really taken the time to look around where I live and appreciate the inherent beauty in everyday life when I truly began to develop an eye for photography. The key to taking a great picture is framing and the goal of my personal photography has been to capture images, or frames, of the places or people around me. My current passion is to photograph urban life: architecture, transportation, and the built environment's interaction with nature. But, I enjoy everything from landscape photograpy to taking pictures of my animals (the kids!). I am by no means a professional photographer, but have passion for the subject and strive to continue to expand my knowledge and skills as an amateur photographer. So, thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy the photos....Scott

Any photos on my site are available for printing in full quality and I do not mind if you copy any photos for personal use. However, if these are to be used on any personal websites, please be kind enough to credit me at the photographer and note my website. Any desire to use these pictures for anything beyond personal use, please contact me first. My email address is scottymail77@gmail.com.

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